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Is having implants inserted painful?

Inserting implants does not cause any pain, either during or after the procedure, which is carried out under anaesthetic (usually local anaesthetic, but, in some cases, it may be possible to strengthen the anaesthetic or use a general anaesthetic).

After the procedure, patients are prescribed a treatment to ensure they do not feel any pain.

How long does it take to place an implant?

The first step is to insert the artificial root(s) below the gums. This is usually done under local anaesthetic and is very quick (5-10 minutes per implant).
This is followed by a 3-month healing period, during which the implant fuses with the bone under the gum.
The implant is then ready to receive the replacement tooth.
The implant insertion phase can take between one and several weeks, depending on the number of implants required and the extent of the restoration.

How reliable are implants?

Titanium implants have been available to human patients since the 1980s and have proved to be a long-lasting solution to replacing missing teeth.
Implants are never rejected, in the true sense of the term, as long as their use is not contraindicated for health reasons (such contraindications are rare).

How aesthetic and how comfortable are implants?

Replacement teeth on implants protect and preserve neighbouring healthy teeth. They look entirely natural and are very comfortable, even when chewing hard or sticky foods, so you can eat any type of food.

Is there an age limit for receiving an implant?

Implants will work perfectly in patients of all ages. For patients who have lost all their teeth, just two implants are needed to stabilise a complete denture and make it more comfortable.

How much do implants cost?

During your first appointment, we will draw up a detailed quotation based on a complete clinical examination, so together we can determine the most suitable implant solution.

Where are the implants made?

Our implants are made, sterilised and packaged in the Lyon area and come with the CE label.