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Pain management

The type of anaesthetic used varies according to the procedure and the patient’s wishes.

We use local anaesthetics with pre-anaesthetic gels.

For larger surgical procedures, such as extracting embedded teeth, we may need to use a stronger type of anaesthesia, called neuroleptanalgesia (NLA), in order to obtain amnesia (forgetting the procedure) and analgesia (pain relief). This procedure uses the same anaesthetic substances as general anaesthesia but at lower doses, thereby reducing the hospitalisation period (1/2 day) and enabling patients to regain all their faculties more quickly. In addition, some procedures are carried out under general anaesthetic.

Surgeries (extraction of impacted wisdom teeth and insertion of dental implants) involving neuroleptanalgesia (NLA) or general anaesthesia are carried out in the operating theatre at the Tonkin Clinic, in the presence of a fully qualified anaesthetist and following an anaesthesia consultation.

  • Our team is trained in the use of medical hypnosis. If desired, this technique enables you to change your perception of dental care into a pleasant experience.
  • Every treatment room has a projector that can be used to show entertaining or educational videos.


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