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Why a quality approach?

The health sector, such as industry or services, needs strict organisational rules that make it possible to obtain:

  • Continuous increase in patient satisfaction
  • A quality of technical care that is always optimised by the level of competence of health professionals and the hardware environment used.
  • A human relationship centred on the needs of patients
  • An effective dysfunction management system
  • Traceability of all materials used
  • Consistent teamwork

We are therefore committed to comply with the rules imposed by the ISO 9001 standard and the AFAQ Service Confidence “Quality of service in dentistry” in order to always meet your expectations and in a spirit of evolution and permanent questioning.


Certificat ISO 9001

Certificat REF-159 Dentisterie

What are the service commitments imposed by the afaq (French association for quality improvement) that we apply to the bayard dental clinic?

  • To ensure the reception of the patient by a trained staff and in a relationship with a human dimension
  • Guarantee appointment times
  • Establish and maintain a complete medical file in accordance with confidentiality principles
  • Helping the patient set dental health goals
  • Develop a comprehensive review, advise and explain treatments to consider
  • Manage pain systematically and systematically
  • Inform the patient about the progress of treatment and assist him/her during treatment
  • Recommend maintenance techniques
  • Fighting nosocomial infections
  • Use a technical platform maintained in a state of performance and conformity compatible with the activity
  • Guaranteeing and tracing the origin of medical devices
  • Employ competent and regularly trained staff by continuously updating their knowledge.
  • Take into account and respond systematically to suggestions and complaints
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