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Gum treatment / Periodontology

Pathologies affecting the gums, roots and bone around the roots of teeth are called periodontal diseases. These pathologies are caused by the presence of plaque and tartar.

Different stages of periodontal disease

In a patient with good oral hygiene and in the absence of risk factors such as smoking, for example, the gingiva is healthy. It has a pink colour and does not bleed when brushed.

If oral hygiene is inadequate, plaque and tartar can cause inflammation of the gums: gingivitis.
The gum is red and swollen. She’s bleeding from brushing.
If inflammation persists, the bone supporting the roots is gradually destroyed. Teeth are usually “loose”. This inflammation of the gums and bone loss is a disease called periodontitis.

If nothing is done, the inflammation completely destroys the bone surrounding the tooth.
The “heaving” increases, the tooth becomes very mobile and leads to tooth loss.

     Healthy Mouth                        Periodontal disease  



The treatment of these periodontal diseases is based on strict oral hygiene.
The main treatments are scaling and resurfacing (an operation under local anesthesia to clean and sanitize the surface of roots affected by periodontal disease). Depending on your age and the progress of your periodontitis, we will offer you a personalized treatment.

Removal of other causes of periodontitis (tobacco, tooth position,…)
Checking the effectiveness of brushing
Root surfacing: deep cleaning of affected roots.
drug treatments according to the disease (antibiotics, antiseptics…)
Maintenance: Regular appointments to follow the progress of periodontal disease.


  • stop the inflammation
  • oral hygiene for a lasting result over time


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